The 2023 Nauvoo & British Pageants in Nauvoo, Illinois

July 11 to August 5, 2023

2023 Nauvoo Pageant Cast & Volunteer Applications Are Now Open!

Applications for the 2023 Nauvoo Pageant are now being accepted until October 31, 2022. The Pageant is seeking applicants for families, couples and individuals to serve in the family casts, Work Crew, Volunteer & Bagpipe Band. See the bottom of this page for detailed descriptions of each service opportunity. Apply Here to serve next summer.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nauvoo Pageant Production Office
Phone: (217) 453-2429 Email: thenauvoopageant@gmail.com

The 2022 Nauvoo & British Pageant performances

British Pageant Picture

Thank you for visiting! After having the 2020 and 2021 pageants postponed, we were so happy to have the pageants return in the summer of 2022! We look forward to the 2023 pageants and invite you to come experience the joy, the faith and the spirit found in the stories of those who gave their all to build the kingdom of God. Now with two pageants performed on alternating evenings on the same stage, there has really never been a better time to visit Historic Nauvoo, Illinois. We hope to see you in the summer of 2023!

The British Pageant featured in Nauvoo, Illinois

The British Pageant

The British Pageant was originally performed in Chorley, England in 2013 and will continue to be performed there every 4 years. The next performance has yet to be determined due to the global pandemic, but we hope it will return soon.

Since it was not to be an annual pageant in England, it was determined that a modified version of the British Pageant would be brought to Nauvoo in 2014 and be performed on alternating evenings during the pageant season.

During the pageant season each summer, the performances begin at 8:30 p.m. each evening (Tues - Sat) with a British Pageant dress rehearsal open to the public on Monday evenings at 8:30 p.m.

Guests are also invited to enjoy the pageant's Country Fair begining at 7 p.m. each evening of the pageant performance. The Country Fair is a pageant guest favorite as they participate in games, dancing and other 1840's era activities before the pageant performance at 8:30 p.m.

The Pageants Celebrate a Great Legacy of Faith

The pageants are filled with authentic hymns and folksongs, lively dances, and tender moments that share the joy these early Church members found in living Christ's gospel. Through words taken from journals, sermons, and historic records of the period, the pageants invite all to feel the powerful testimonies of these faithful Christians.

The Nauvoo Pageant is Narrated by Parley P. Pratt and emphasizes the prophetic mission of Joseph Smith and honors the sacrifice, faith and courage of the Saints who gave their all to build a city and a temple to their God. See a video Glimpse of the Nauvoo Pageant.

The British Pageant is Narrated by a character named Arthur Ashton and it explores events surrounding the beginning of the Church in the British Isles and the impact of the British members' abiding faith and deep love for one another and the Savior. See a video Glimpse of the British Pageant.

Cast Member Forms Page

Once you have been accepted as a cast member, click here to access the Cast Forms Page. On this link, you will find links to all the documents and other materials needed to participate in the Nauvoo & British Pageants. Please note that the password to access this Cast Forms Page will be provided to you upon being accepted as a cast member.

Nauvoo Pageant Core Cast

Nauvoo Core Cast

The Nauvoo Pageant Core Cast consists of over twenty actors, representing historical figures such as Parley P. Pratt and Joseph and Emma Smith who perform live each night for the duration of the pageant. The core cast also presents short historical vignettes during the day and sometimes performs an hour-long presentation of "Our Story Goes On" in selected venues outside Nauvoo.

Core Cast Information

Each year, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seeks for professional-quality actors to fill 20+ core cast roles in the annual Nauvoo and British Pageants in Nauvoo, Illinois. There are roles for men and women age 20 through 70, as well as one teenage boy.

Core Cast auditions are usually in January in Bountiful and Provo, Utah. Those not able to attend in person are able to submit a video as their audition. Check back here for further information as details become available. You may also send an email with your questions to culturalarts@churchofjesuschrist.org.

Nauvoo Pageant Family Cast

Nauvoo Pageant Family Cast

Participation in the Nauvoo Pageant cast is a missionary experience for families and individuals. Participants will have many opportunities to share the gospel message with audience members and other visitors in Nauvoo while hosting the Country Fair celebration and performing in the pageant. Families and individuals will also have opportunities to strengthen their testimonies of the gospel through rehearsal and performance.

Family Cast Information     Select the "Participate" link in the main menu above to apply.

Nauvoo Pageant Work Crew

Nauvoo Pageant Work Crew

The Nauvoo Pageant Work Crew consists of 20 able-bodied single young men, ages 16-25, who serve as site workers and technical support for the pageant. Work crew members will assist with some technical elements of the pageant, including the stage, props, lighting, site, and Country Fair.

Work Crew Information     Select the "Participate" link in the main menu above to apply.

Nauvoo Pageant Volunteer Support

Nauvoo Pageant Volunteer Support

The Nauvoo Pageant Volunteer Support consists of volunteers (ages 21 and older) who assist with costuming, security/site maintenance, food services, and family support.

The volunteers that serve in Nauvoo pay their own expenses and are vital to the productions success. These dedicated individuals enjoy a busy pageant schedule with some time free to see the historic sites and shows offered in Nauvoo. They are also able to enjoy the pageants each night of performances. The period of service is generally at least 2 weeks with some serving the entire 5 week season.

Volunteer Support Information     Select the "Participate" link in the main menu above to apply.

Nauvoo Pageant Bagpipe Band

Nauvoo Pageant Bagpipe Band

The Nauvoo Pageant Bagpipe Band is a significant part of the spirit, missionary efforts, and gospel message of the Nauvoo Pageant. The Bagpipe Band will be involved in many important aspects of the overall pageant experience.

Band members will participate in scheduled outreach performances in nearby surrounding communities, pre-vignette performances, Mulholland Street performances, Country Fair activities, and the Nauvoo Pageant leading the guests to the seating area of the pageant.

Bagpipe Band Information    Select the "Participate" link in the main menu above to apply.

British Pageant

Spanish Interpretation Available (Interpretación al español disponible)

Headsets with live Spanish interpretation are provided each night of the pageant performances. (Se proporcionan audífonos con interpretación al español en vivo cada noche de las presentaciones.)

ASL Interpretation Available (American Sign Language)

ASL Interpretation can be arranged for your pageant visit but may need to be requested in advance. Please call the Nauvoo Pageant Mission Office at 217-453-2429 prior to your visit to see if this might be available on the night you will attend the pageant performance.

The Nauvoo Experience Year Round


Enjoy a ride in a carriage or receive a souvenir brick at the Brickyard. Experience the sights and sounds in the pioneer Blacksmith Shop. Enjoy a ginger snap cookie from the Scovil Bakery. Visit over 30 restord historic homes from the 1840's Nauvoo.


Young performing missionaries provide live shows for visitors throughout the day. See Sunset on the Mississippi, The Promise or one of the other shows in old Nauvoo.

The Nauvoo Bagpipe Band

Nauvoo Bagpipe Band

The Bagpipe Band is one of Nauvoo's best ambassadors. The main characters of the Nauvoo Pageant are Scottish converts, and the bagpipes highlight that culture. The Bagpipe Band can be found performing in Nauvoo or the surrounding communities. Enjoy the Bagpipe Band during your next visit to Nauvoo!

There has never been a better time to come to Nauvoo, and it’s all free!