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Nauvoo Core Cast

Note: Auditions to serve in the Nauvoo & British Pageant Core Cast are typically held during the month of January in Bountiful and Provo Utah. For those not able to attend in person, auditions by video are accepted during that timeframe. For further information, you may send an email with your questions to

The core cast consists of over twenty actors who perform live each night for the duration of the pageant. The core cast performs in both the Nauvoo and British pageants. These actors represent major historical figures such as Joseph Smith, Emma Smith, Parley P. Pratt, etc. Men's and women's roles range in age from early 20s to late 50s. Boy's and girl's roles range in age from 8 to 18. In addition to performing in the pageant, core cast members will present short historical vignettes during the day in Old Nauvoo and will perform at community outreach events, including performances of an hour-long musical review.

If you are planning to audition for the core cast, but are considering involvement in the family cast in the event you are not placed in a core cast position, you should fill out and submit a family cast application between September 1 and October 31 of the current year for the following summer pageant season. Your family cast application will not be processed until after core cast assignments have been made.

Prior to the pageant, the core cast will rehearse in Salt Lake City for one week in June. The pageant will cover transportation to and from Nauvoo, as well as providing housing and meals for the core cast while in Nauvoo. As the core cast will be involved fulltime in rehearsals and performances from the last part of June through the final performance of the pageant, core cast members will receive a modest honorarium to help offset their expenses.


Rehearsals and song practices begin in the spring and culminate with a week long required workshop a couple of weeks before the pageant begins

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